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Protect, license or sell your ideas

At The Wallace Law Firm, we provide specific service and counseling for each client's intellectual property needs within a variety of budgets and deadlines tailored to the client's goals.  Move your idea forward with confidence in the idea economy.  Choose WLF-IP!

Intelligent Properties

Protect Your Idea Now


The inventor's, artist's or author's particular expression is protectable. But ideas without any identifiable manifestation urgently need non-disclosure agreements.


Our mission is to discover the inventive concept underlying your idea, then capture that spark of genius and translate that into patent claims.


Safeguard your unique mark that identifies a unique good or service from counterfeiting and infringement. 


Protect your authorship's original works for published and non-published written works.

Trade Secrets

Ideas with commercially significant value kept secret without registration.

Stop Patent, Trademark and Copyright Infringement


  Your idea, your rights


We`re on a mission to stop others

from profiting on your ideas.


When you take an infringing party to court, the burden will be on you to show that they essentially stole your idea.  Stop infringement early with detailed protection focused on future infringement litigation.  We will litigate at the PTAB and any Federal Court to protect your rights.


How it can happen

o    Willful Infringement:

Another willfully invented something that blatantly infringed on your patent.

o    Direct Infringement: 

A manufacture of your idea covered by your patent without your authority.

o    Indirect Infringement:  

Another helps or encourages someone to infringe on your patent.

o    Literal Infringement: 

An infringing invention significantly overlap the words in your patent.

o    Contributory Infringement: 

Another provides an infringer with parts or resources that would have no substantial infringing use on their own.


Start the path to protect and proliferate.

Whether selling or licensing, a good protection plan prevents infringement and allows your idea to profit you not others.


File now to protect your rights to your own idea.  Or create a successful trade secret plan to prevent disclosure of your proprietary ideas.


If you want others to put your idea to market, you must have a well thought out agreement that defends your idea while protecting your profit.


At the early stages of your idea's lifecycle, create a path that couples innovation with both protection and profit.  Collaborate with us now to strike a healthy balance.


Client Access

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